Add customer context to your marketing actions

Individual customer experience

Traditional marketing campaigns fail to engage each customer at the individual level. They lack the knowledge of customer’s wants and needs and they send indiscrimate messages to the masses.

SAP Hybris Marketing enables marketers to develop a deeper understanding of their customers; know what they did, what they might do in the future, and more importantly, what they do now. Gain real-time insight into each customer context and use this information to deliver highly individualized customer experiences across all communication channels (email, phone, customer visits, events, internet, social networks, etc.)

Hybris Marketing

What is the solution content?

Main functions

    • Collect events and interactions about customers, from all sources
    • Create automatically insight views of customers
    • Use included predictive analysis tools to predict behavior or measure potential
    • Perform individualized targeting
    • Run effective campaigns by pushing personalized messages using customers preferred channels

    Process Hybris Marketing_EN

    • Monitor the execution of campaigns and reinject customer knowledge in the process
    • Plan marketing actions and allocate budgets, track expenses, calculate a ROI