Respect of human relationship, expertise and service quality are our priorities.

Our values

A human-sized company

Because of its size, our company has always put on the same footing human and professional relationship. This commitment is materialized by an organization that emphasizes collaborative work, by a light hierarchy and a strong trusting relationship between managers and employees. By teamwork where each consultant has a say, by equal recognition between the various skills in the company, and by the involvement of each consultant in the company development in which every successful initiative is rewarded.

Expertise and innovation

Extensi has always maintained a high level of expertise and technology intelligence to better serve our customers challenges. We achieve this through the following: a recruitment and training plan to cover all functional and technical modules, our organizational structure by Service Centers to ensure the technology watch and internal training, a close partnership and collaboration with the SAP editor, the use of a tool for capitalization of our knowledge. The purpose of this constant search for innovation is to share it with our customers in order to increase their productivity and create additional value.

Quality of service

Our customers’ satisfaction is the main goal of our company. This is why our company commits daily to ensure and develop the satisfaction of our customers, which is based on: 1. the quality of our products and services, to bring added value 2. the quality of individual relationship with our customers, which involves communication, loyalty, answer to their questions or disagreement handling, 3. quality improvement of our services based on customer experience feedback. The satisfaction of our customers is a real key driver for loyalty and also an opportunity for us to make our customers the best advocates and promoters of our company.